Contemporary Artists & Art Forms

Why is it when thinking about art people envision pieces from 16th to the 18th century? Plenty of contemporary art like robert lenkiewicz "Cockney Jim Waiting for Miss Lesley Miller on the Barbican" or "Painter with Lisa" remain just as fascinating. By leaving art in the past we miss the opportunity to fully explore the grand contemporary artists of our own time. More mediums in art exist now than ever.

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Fine Arts Painters  

Harvey Taylor created a spot-on technique that has won him the Wyss Foundation Painting Prize. Using a grid and a photograph his paintings of people take on a life of their own. Now let's move on to the other end of the spectrum to Wendy Saunders. Known for a series of female heads with little detail, her paintings provoke emotional responses because of the nonverbal body language portrayed. (impossible) woman1 seems like someone you know but just cannot quite recall. Paul Newman likes to mix abstraction and figures. From insect-like portraits to surreal landscapes hidden meanings emerge. 

Graphic Designers

Graphic design art touches our lives every day with its commercialization, use on book jackets and album covers. Peter Saville's graphic arts with Factory Record captured the moment of music emotion in one elegant scribble. It earned him an exhibition at the Design Museum in London, England. Phil Gribbon developed a body of work with personality. When developing items for a brand, he watches the team work and develops a description from there. Gribbon at his website blogs his artistic process giving insight on the creative pulse he has. Adam Jennings work resides on the Internet, and he mainly lets it speak for itself. Simple images or one word, its word art appeals to millennials. He does digital marketing campaigns for films like Life of Pi, and X-Men.

Digital Artists

Jesse Darling takes the steel, products, and plastic of the world and makes social statements that prick our souls. At times offensive you cannot turn away. You know the truth when you see it visually. Ordinary things macabrely done within the digital framework. James Bridle combines data streams with art and technology to create interactive pieces that take a piece of information and metaphorically create a visual. A weather data stream fed a ship navigating by it across the globe on a digital map. 

Thought provoking and at times unnerving contemporary artists communicate in ways that get our attention and make us think beyond the propaganda given.